List of US Sectional Aeronautical Charts 
Only for StrePla3 Customer.

StrePla4 users can download this maps very easily via the integrated map management in StrePla4.

Zum Vergrössern klicken!It is not absolutely necessary to download the sectional aeronautical charts from here. If your PC has an internet connection, the easier solution is: Start StrePla3 and point to Extras.Map Manager. Choose Internet as a source there. The whole download and installation will then happen automatically without your needing to do anything else.

Naturally you can still download the sectional aeronautical charts from here and then install by double-clicking on the downloaded file. You will find an instruction for the download here.

All US sectional aeronautical charts are available for you free of charge.

Therefore the US sectional aeronautical charts will be new every 28 days it is not possible for us to support you with this charts every 28 days. We will update the maps twice the year.

The charts of Brownsville, Green_Bay, Chicago, Kansas_City, St_Louis, Memphis, Houston, Lake_Huron, Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta, New_Orleans, Montreal, New_York, Washington, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami and Halifax are dated February 2005. All other charts are dated March 2005



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